Saturday, December 17, 2011

Equipment Check List

I don't like waiting until the last minute when it comes to packing my gear especially when doing this type of project where I will be away for a long time.  A round trip ticket from Jakarta to Papua is around $500-600 and I can't afford the money or the time just to retrieve a piece of equipment that I forgot to pack.

For the most part, I tend to travel light when it's possible because I don't like to be weighed down from lugging heavy equipments.  However, in this case I have to bring more things than normal since I will be doing multimedia and portrait work.  I don't trust checking in my equipments and I use the same guidelines as the airline limiting myself to 1 carry-on and 1 bag when it comes to packing my gear.

(L-R: Holga, Mamiya 65mm Lens, Mamiya 7 w/ 43mm, Kodak Portra 400 120 films w/ Domke lead bag, Mamiya C330f.  Not Pictured 35mm Panoramic Adapter for Mamiya 7)

(L-R: Blackberry, Ediroel R09-HR, Sekonic L-508, Ipod Classic 120GB filled with music and movies, and on top is Sennheiser ME64/K6 shotgun microphone)

(L-R: 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, Canon 5DmkII w/ 35mm 1.4)

(580EX flash, Pocket Wizards, 270EX flash, gels)

(Ricoh GXR w/ 28mm module)

(Lacie Rugged 500GB x2, Wolverine 120GB portable hard drive, Rane Watch w/ 8GB storage courtesy of DJ Rated R, Sandisk Extreme CF cards 4GB & 16GB)

(Ear Plugs,  extra battery, Gaffers tape rolled onto a pen, small screwdrivers, notebooks, magnifying glass,  lens cleaner,   extra charger, outlet multi adapter, converter.

(Bescor Video light with hotshoe mount)

(Most fits in a Lowepro Bag.  Not pictured 15" Macbook Pro, card readers, cables, camera rain cover, extra batteries, extra pair of glasses, and backup phone)

(The rest fits in a Domke F2 bag.  Films goes on top)

(hand sanitizer, tic tac, multipurpose rag, business cards, fake wedding ring, hat, not pictured pocket knife)

Keep up via Blog, Twitter, Tumblr.

I am departing to Papua this coming monday for almost 6 months.  To share my experiences as I continue this project I've decided to create a dedicated blog as well as a Twitter and Tumblr page (links are on the side).  Despite the often slow and spotty internet connection in Papua, I will do my best to upload photos, post stories, and keep you guys updated with information and progress. 

To kick off this blog, I would like to share the slideshow of my project that was presented during Ankor Photo Festival in Siem Reap.  I would like to thank Yumi Goto, Francoise Callier, Jessica Lim, Camille Plante for all their assistance and support.  Click here to see the full series.