Friday, July 12, 2013

Book & Multimedia for Against All Odds: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Papua

Recently I self-published a book and produced a multimedia piece for my long-term project, Against All Odds: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Papua

I will be distributing them as a packet for FREE to NGOs that have interests and concerns, or are involved with the HIV/AIDS preventive and support programs in Indonesia.  During my research, I discovered that the Indonesian government receive millions of dollars in foreign aid from organizations such as USAID, WHO, AUSAID, etc for HIV/AIDS but very little of that money reach Papua or utilize effectively. 

The ultimate objective is to promote immediate action in providing necessary aid for Indigenous Papuans facing/living with HIV/AIDS.  My target audience is not just the general public and the mainstream media but those in positions to foster change.  I hope both the book and multimedia will raise awareness of this epidemic and its impact on the Indigenous Papuans, and eventually help in providing better access to care for them.

These are the links to view the book and multimedia online.  Please feel free to share the links. Also, please let me know if you know of any organizations that would be interested in receiving a physical copy.

Book: The foreword is written by Dr. Leslie Butt, one of the leading experts on HIV/AIDS in Papua. The book includes over 80 color photographs and my findings from months of working on the field. 

Multimedia: The multimedia is 11 minute long, which includes still, video, and audio interviews. 

-Andri Tambunan

Photos, Videos, Texts: Andri Tambunan
Book Design: Januar Rianto & Andri Tambunan
Book Foreword: Dr. Leslie Butt University of Victoria, Canada
Multimedia Producers: Samuel He, Desmond Lim, & Andri Tambunan
Multimedia Editors: Samuel He & Juliana Tan
Multimedia Music: Big Bang & Fuzz Production

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